Vol:07 Issue:01 (January-June 2020)


Istisnaʽ as a Product of Islamic Financial Institutions: Evolution, Application, Documentation and Analysis of Shariʽa Issues


Introduction to Deposit Sale, its Various Features and Rulings in Islamic Perspective


The Concept of Punishment for the Prevention of Sexual Crimes in Society: in the Perspective of Divine Religions


The Legal Status of Fine and its Contemporary Importance in Perspective of Opinion of Four Imams (Jurists)


Nobel Prized Research, Autophagy Mechanism and Fast: An Academic Study


Research Review of Selected Narrations of the Book 'Al-Sayeda Zainab' Written by Ayesha Abdur Rehman Binte Shat’e


Of Cheating in Property: A Comparative Review of Pakistan Penal Code’s Sections with Islamic Jurisprudence


Ittibā'e Hawā ) Following Lower Self) and Just Path in Flexible School of Thought


Islamic Trend in the Poetry of Ghazi Al-Jamal Diwan (Tear of Firefly) as an Example


The Most Important Legal Maxims Governing Citizenship in Islamic Law


The Fulani Hegemony and the Subsequent Establishment of Islamic Government in Gombe Emirate before and after 19th Century of Sokoto Jihad in the Northern Nigeria


The Participation of Women in Politics in Respect of Religion; A Case Study of Charsadda District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan)


Comparison of Islamic Renaissance and Western Renaissance


Ethical and Moral Impact of Islamic and Western Concept of Freedom (An Analytical Study)


The Challenges Facing Islamic Education System in Nigeria


Conceptualizing the Perceived Meaning of Workplace Spirituality and Religion in Higher Education Institution


Potent Islamic Measures to Poverty Alleviation


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